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I hope this stays, as there are a few other forums that have them ... for the highway drivers ... most information came from miscellaneous forums:


Post up only the following information:
- the type of vehicle used as an under-cover patrol car
- the date/time/location you spotted the under-cover
- any further distinct characteristics of the under-cover car
- optional: post up any pics you're able to take of them (800x600 max size please)

That's it... no other discussion allowed. Any posts beyond that of what's "allowed" should be deleted. This is designed only to keep each other aware of under-cover cars in our area and the thread should only get bumped with new sightings. With each posted sighting, hopefully someone will add a list of under-covers below so we have one compiled list.


I-5 ~ Washington
• Blue charger with 20's on it and the sirius style low profile antennas
• Champagne colored Tahoe w/ Fox Racing sticker on back window
• Grey Charger
• Silver Chevrolet Malibu
• Burgundy Chevy S-10 ('90s model). push bar, spotlight, dark tint
• White Acura NSX, exempt tag 108-WSP
• Silver 08 Ford Escape no markings xmt plates

I-90 ~ Washington
• Blue Ford Escape
• Black Ford Escape

Redmond/Bellevue, Washington
• Light blue Charger w/ tint
• Dark blue Charger w/ satellite antenna on the trunk lid, which looks like a small cap, tint, 17" multi-spoke wheels
• Light Grey/Green Charger w/ satellite antenna on the trunk lid, which looks like a small cap, tint, 17" multi-spoke wheels
• Dark Grey Charger w/ tint, black wheels
• Silver Charger
• Silver Impala
• Maroon Impala
• White Expedition
• Black Expedition
• Blue Chevy Cavalier
• Red Honda Civic, lowered, tinted

West Seattle, Washington
• Dark blue Dodge Magnum w/ a soccer ball sticker on the back

Auburn, Washington
• '90-ish Maroon Chevy Astrovan

Kent, Washington
• Dark Grey Charger w/ tint, black wheels

Kitsap County
• 2 new chargers black with really dark tint
• 1 Subaru Legacy black with tint
• 1 or 2 dark purple Dodge Intrepids dark tint
• Teal Green Dodge Charger new to WSP-Bremerton
• Black Dodge Charger
• Blue Crown Vic Lieutenants Car

Clallam County/Jefferson County
• Grey Chevrolet Impala--Black Tint (2004) Patrols SR104 @ Hood Canal Bridge to US-101/SR-104 Interchange (Jefferson and Clallam Counties)
• Maroon Ford Crown Vic--No Tint - Patrols US 101 @ Jefferson/Clallam County Border to US 101 / SR-112 Interchange
• Brown Ford Expedition--Black Tint (2006) - Typically Patrols Jefferson County between Jefferson Clallam County Line to Jefferson/Mason County Line and to Port Angeles

Snohomish County
• White Camaro F-body LS1
• Blacked-out Charger
• White Tahoe
• White Explorer (new bodystyle)
• All black 07 Silverado crewcab with black canopy and dark tint
• White Chevy Colorado w/ a lumber rack

Pierce County
• Green Volvo
• Blue Impala

Skagit County
• Light Blue Crown Vic
• Red Chevy Blazer (newer body style)

Clark County
• Blacked-out BMW Motorcycle (WSP)
• Red Ford Taurus, unmarked with flashers in headlights and tails
• All black Ford F350 crew cab with a black canopy & a black LADDER/LUMBER rack on top

Portland, OR
• Red Mustang (new body style), tint
• Silver honda odyssey mini-van w/ tint
• Grey/Graphite Mustang (new body style)
• Grey/Graphite Mustang (previous generation)
• Lt blue charger-NO MARKINGS AT ALL. no antenas no visable lights.
• Mid blue charger-same as above
• Silver charger-same as above.

Salem, OR
• White Mustang (new body style) w/ grey center-striping, tinted, clear lights in grille and mirrors
• Silver cadillac CTS

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Hwy 101 just outside of Olympia. Black Tahoe w/dark tint and some kind of racing sticker on the back, regular plates.
I-5 Tumwater. Black Porsche, Didn't see the plates but he had some punk pulled over.

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Keep it on topic like the original poster requested. I shouldn't have to come clean up because you can't read.

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Seems like there is a lot of posts way in the NW. Just to add some variety, here's some from Colorado...

I-25 in Colorado Springs (where I live)
- red Camero z28 with those R-racing stickers you buy at Checker's or Pep Boys
- White Tahoe with chrome rims (dodn't notice size too well)
- a few red Escorts and Taurus-es.
- Black Charger with limo tint in back windows

I-25 in Denver
- the only one I noticed was actually a WRX STi, silver, with black tint and gold rims. It's a State Trooper and the car is upgraded to catch street racers. turbo, suspension, the works. I even saw an ad campaign against racing with the car in it, and underneath it said "If you race, we WILL catch you"

If I find any more I will post.

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vancouver has a STI thats white that is all tuned out (front mount and all)

I-84 out in Gresham, old 68-69 camaro looks like a jucker but not. will try to get you to race them, if you do. then they radio ahead for the maked car to pull you over. (i have a lot of cop friends)

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Have seen on Hwy 22 between Salem and Statton. New model Gray Mustang, Tinted windows, Lights hidden in grill and pull downs in front window.

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Hwy 99 in Sherwood Oregon. White unmarked 90's style F150 pickup.

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In Lakewood, mostly over by Western State/Pierce College area there's a beige ford taurus, regular plates, stickers in the back window and I believe it's a jack in the box antenna ball (or something similiar) that I've seen MULTIPLE people pulled over by (I went to Pierce, seen it weekly with someone pulled over)... most recently just a couple weeks ago

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I see dark blue chargers around Issaquah on the 90 all the time. I've seen a white one, unmarked with normal plates, with the cop pointing those radar scopes at people coming down Cougar Mountain on Lakemont. They usually have marked cars or motorcycles at the bottom pulling people over.

I see this usually once a week up here.
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