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Hi everyone it's been awhile since I've been on the forum. Lots of things happened both good and bad but working through it. 11/18/19--Since I was able to get a better position, I work in a pharmacy, made me want to put in more hours which equals more money to finally do some car stuff YES! 12/7/19--The bad news-hit and run and that was literally my Christmas present see pic:

So at 1st it was just paint work to do and some exterior add-ons but now it's those things plus a new bumper and fixing of fog light entirely as that stopped working after impact. Was able to build my tool set a bit more with acquiring a breaker bar that was recommended to me by OmarAta and others and still have to go to Harbor Freight for some other tools that were recommended.
06/2020--Currently dropped $1023 into upgrades for Tib:

What we do we have here:
  • power stop rear brake calipers
  • full struts assembly for front and rear under rear brakes box
  • new solid mass conversion valeo clutch kit and CAI (full not short ram) from ebay
  • front mando brake calipers in garage along with new 12pcs suspension kit from Detroit Axle
  • DNA catback exhaust on the way.
So alot acquired, plan to do slave cylinder mod and clutch bleed after CAI install since that's supposed to give more room to work for slave mod. Which leads me to my question:
What's the best method for the CAI install? I've seen one on youtube that involves removing the driverside headlight, alot of squeezing and avoiding cables but leaves the battery in place. The other involves removing the battery giving way more room and sadly the perfect video I found that had perfectly timed cut aways while still showing work I'm no longer finding. Also what are things I should be aware of, respective to the specific methods? If there's an almost word for word guide on forum direction to that guide would be great.

Future Thanks,
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