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:5help: Anybody bought or sold a used Tib recently....last 6 months or so?
If so what was the actual price. No taxes, other fees, etc. just the actual sales price.
I'd like to know the following:

Private sale/purchase or bought from a new dealer or used car lot, on-line or in-person
Tib model
abs brakes
sun roof
other options
modded or not (body kit, motor mods, rims, etc.)

Please be thorough.

If you are a you feel that you got a good deal?
If you are a seller, do you feel that you got a good price?

Just really curious. Thought that this would be some really good info for Tib owners, or prospective Tib owners.

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2003 Tib GT purchased

V6 5 speed
38000 miles

Orlando FL.
Good condition
Leather, infinity stereo
no ABS
No sunroof
wheels are those 5 spoke tiburon wheels...(name?)
no mods

I feel good, less than the KBB.

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Hey Guys thanx for the really good info.

Come on people.......

Give me more experiences. Need more data ......

Gotta be more people who've bought used Tibs in the last 6 months.

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bought mine from a private party
inline4 5speed GS
stock 16s
michelin tires
about 75K miles
silver, pretty decent condition
no abs
located in MI
asked 8500 , drove off with it for 7900
think it was a good deal

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2003 Tiburon
4 cyl
5 spd manual
60,000k miles
Good condition exterior/interior

$7,100 :3_coool:

Bring the car to a mechanic to have it checked out, see if there's anything wrong... then get a good deal on it.

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Bought used from a local Hyundai dealer.

engine - i4
tranny - auto
mileage - 63k
year - '04
location - Chattanooga
condition - very good, minor dings and scratches
interior - excellent condition, cloth
stereo - standard
abs brakes - yes
sun roof - no
other options - cruise, remote entry, airbags, blah blah blah
wheels - 16"
tires - Khumo or something like that... very nice set.
modded or not - no mods

Final price: 12.5k

I am happy with what i paid for it... very limited selection of second-hand tibs in my area, and many of them have some issues. I could have probably gotten them down a little bit more, but this price was my goal (and 2.5k under what they wanted). I was just looking for a car that handles well, can get good gas milage, was an auto and looks downright sexy.

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bought from a Dealer
2003 GT V6 6-speed
fully loaded (leather, sunroof, ABS, Infinity, 17" wheels, etc)


Sold it privately 2.5 years later
With 52k on the clock for $11000

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revived........still want more input. Come on people>>>> Contribute!!!!:3_zoefzoe

GAWD. After so many years....... I just hit 1000 posts.............. Yee Haw for the old guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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