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This is a vip entrance guestlist call for a new club opening up in the ATL. It is the hottest thing to hit ATL since Vision!! Anyone interested?? The Date is December 9th!! If you are, pm me with first and last names. The club is ESSO!!

THE Hottest club since VISION is getting ready to open its doors this DECEMBER!!! I have no doubt the experience will be well worth repeating.

This is a brand new club opening up in ATL...Put it like want to be there for it...This place will be hotter than what Visions ever dreamed of... You must be 21, and dress code is strictly enforced!! As in if you are not 21 and you look like crap...don't bother! Look to me, the beautiful people dressed to impress will be at this club!! so don't disappoint!!!!!

This is to get on the VIP ENTRANCE GUEST LIST-Complimentary VIP entrance to the club...So trust me this one is the one to come to...

If you don't know...get to know me...I am your friend for nights at Midtown and Buckhead...getting you guys into the hippest hottest clubs...That also includes Johnny G and Alex Barclay so say hey to us and get to know us!

But I need first and last names! drop me a pm...and I can provide you more details!!

O Ya, if you want your friends to come too, give me their first and last names!!
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