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The rtv applied was not on the entire gasket, just in a few spots to hold in place. That might be the issue. Will have to figure out a way to keep in place for the next one. Did not use a torque wrench. Ive honestly never used a torque wrench on things like water pumps. I did use a star-ish pattern and gradually tightened in a star pattern. I don't think it was an uneven torque issue causing the leak.
Prestone coolant is what I have been using without any issues. The only time i used RTV silicone was when the gasket was paper material. The metal gasket doesn't require any sealant.
Try to get OEM water pump (korean made) some Gates wp are hit or miss (chinese made). Torque wrench is a must i think.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts