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Not sure if the trims are the same in Aus, but in the US you would have what we call an SE model: 6-speed manual, sunroof, high spoiler, red and black seats, and usually a single-din stereo with multiguages for the other half--looks like someone prior to you may have swapped for a double-din unit.
Like you said, may be different with it being an Aus spec car, but it wouldn't have been a USDM 07 SE as those never came with automatic climate controls, only manual. However, I do see what looks like the "ESP off" switch, which was only in the SE model for the USDM models. so it's either been modified which is likely considering the age of these cars, or they have different trims over there which is equally likely.

Edit: looks like it's a GK according to the VIN decoder, at least i think. looks like it did come with auto HVAC and ESP from the factory, no mods here. This must just be how they came from over the pond.
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