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where to buy KYB struts??

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i did search and didn't find anything on where to buy these. all i found was reviews on them.

i am in like dier need of struts, my ride has gotten worse and worse every week since i put my tein s-tech's in about 6 months ago or so and using stock struts, so i need an upgrade and from what i can tell these are the best for my price range. anybody have anyclue?

i went directly to their site and it doesn't list dealers just installers. and other sites that i found didn't have these listed for our cars yet i know they exist and know the part #'s that i need. so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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yeah i tried ebay and they didn't have any listed for my year. i guess i wil try that web site and see what happens
no wonder i couldn't find these the listing just started an hour ago!
thanks man!
does every body agree these are good before i go and get them? should fix my problem right? when my car goes to "recover" from going over a a big bump or something i feel like i am going to float away or something, it didn't happen when i first installed my tein s tech's but has gotten progressively worse since then.
no its for an 05 gt. i thought i put that in there sorry.
Ohh ok. I bought mine from that link on ebay and they were very quick to ship.
what springs do you have? do you like the kyb struts, are they that much different over stock?
awesome, i may hold off for a little while now tho, buying a laptop and a wideband setup now. gotta get my tune right before i finish up the suspension. thank for all your inputs atleast i know this guy is reputable and all.

1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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