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hi everyone merry Christmas
I have a wired problem with my fuel pump wiring
a few months ago had some acceleration problem turned out it was fuel pump wiring. i have rewired fuel pump with a new relay and toggle switch because the problem was when car running pulling out fuel pump relay didn't shut off engine and running after that without fuel pump relay. so rewired it to eliminate problem. but now problem not solved. last night find out it was fuel sending unit wiring because when sending unit wires is not connected fuel pump shut out. from workshop manuals find this two pages and checkd fuel sending unit wiring. it seems signal wire is shorted to ground somhow. manual says resistance between terminal 3 or signal wire and chassis ground should be infinite but mine is about 17k ohm. also has 12 volt that it should be 0 volt with key on engine off. can someone help me to find short easily. is there wiring diagram for this to chase?
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