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My 2003 tiburon won’t start. we put a new starter in it ran for about a week then went out again. Put a new one in and still won’t start. I’ve tried everything i could and still can’t figure it out.

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Not enough information.

2.0L or 2.7L?
What brand starter did you buy both times?
Were they remanufactured?
Does it turn over but doesn't fire?
Does it have fuel coming out the injectors?
Does it have spark?
When was the last time you replaced your timing belt and water pump kit?

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"No crank" leads to different troubleshooting than "crank no start".
Which is it?

From your post, sounds like "no crank". Is the car dead, as in electrical is off? Does lights, radio, etc. come on but no crank or maybe it just clicks?

Any recent work done to the car?
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