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All right, I guess I could post this in racing, but it's more of a performance question than a racing story...

I have a friend who has an 04 Sentra Spec-V that is bone stock (well a carbon fiber hood that drops maybe 10 lbs.. haha), my Tiburon has a CAI and 7.5lb flywheel.

Anyway, I've been with him twice when he's raced V6 Tiburons and both times he's beaten them, not by a lot but enough to say the Spec won. Judging by when the Tiburons were shifting I'd say they were both 6 speeds too.

Yet whenever he races me I pull away from him pretty heavily. For example, last night we were racing on the highway and I'm going 75 and I see him coming up on me so I put it in 4th and floor it, by the time he caught up to me I was going 85 and we were both even speed then I started pulling pretty quickly, once I hit 5th I even let off for him to catch up then gave it gas again and pulled away. Or when we drag I'm usually a length ahead by the time we hit 2nd. This I may be able to relate to me being a better driver, but the highway thing I can't really say is a driver race.

Is it normal for a Tiburon with just an intake (and flywheel which I don't imagine effects performance too much) to be so much more powerful than one without? Or is my Tiburon just weird? If it is the intake, I suggest to anyone who has a stock Tiburon, drop $70 or so on an intake, soooo worth it.
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